Luxurious experience that she will never forget


Epidermal growth factor (EGF). It restarts the process of cell renewal, the production of elastin and collagen. Up to 60% increase in the thickness of the skin and 30% of its density after 2 months of use *.

* Study conducted by Dr. Martina Kerscher, professor of cosmetic sciences on 30 volunteers.

Marek Hewryk™ – for women

At the hands of renowned artisan-chemist Marek Hewryk – who for years privately crafted the most advanced and exclusive skin care treatments for celebrities, royalties, and distinguished executives – a new standard has been set. Lustrous white pearl, exotic purple orchid andluxurious silk extracts commingle with an advanced multi-peptide formula to create a revolutionary anti-aging formula. Marek Hewryk treatments are a new-age injection of timeless luxury, setting the benchmark in the world of high-end, luxury skin care products.

Every component of the Marek HewrykTM line exudes pure luxury; exemplifying beauty, balance and sophistication – the perfect compliment for the woman who experiences it. With the classic elements inspiring the four key ingredients, the powers of creation itself lay waiting, harnessed in this luxurious formula, dying to caress a woman’s skin with absolute vitality.

  • Lipofilling effects freshen and plump your skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • Age spots, under-eye fatigue, and the tolls of stress melt away
  • Unsurpassed smoothness, supple soft skin
  • Exquisite firmness, youthful vibrancy
  • Stunning luminosity, dazzling radiance

Mary Jo – Cell Candy

Hello to a product line that has no preservatives, no animal testing, full of peptides and the most luxurious botanicals and natural ingredients, all made in the US! Years of experience and testing have gone into Cell Candy to deliver results that real women want. For a radiant, beautiful skin.


Intraceuticals offerts a wide range of revolutionnary skincare products. Cutting edge use of hyaluronics and peptides provides ongoing long term benefits with results clients can see every day.