Oxygen Infused Treatments

Constance & Charles is proud to offer you a new solution for healty glowing looking skin in only 30 minutes. Thanks to a new cutting edge technology : The Intraceuticals Red Carpet Oxygen treatment !


Discover the Hollywood Secret

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial (also called Rejuvenating Infusion) is one of Madonna’s favorite beauty treatment (see Access Hollywood clip). It is also used daily by numerous Hollywood stars ( Eva Longoria, Naomi Campbell, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, Katie Perry), Fashion celebrities (John Galliano, Miranda Kerr), celebrity make up artists, photographers, facialists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons all over the world.


What is an Oxygen Facial?

After years of research, Intraceuticals has combined medical science and cosmetics to create a revolutionary technic of professional skin care.

Based on the concept that medical grade high pressure hyperbaric Oxygen can be used for skin care, Intraceuticals developed a serum which, when used conjointly with Oxygen, plumps and hydrates the skin to smooth out wrinkles and lines.


What are the benefits of an Oxygen Facial?

“Intraceuticals Oxygen facial is a very specific facial to improve all types of skin,”says Dr. Skotnicki-Grant Medical Director Bay Dermatology Centre Toronto Canada. “Its capacity to restore hydration, to tighten the skin, to improve firmness and to reduce wrinkles and lines à réduire in just 40 minutes make it the treatment of choice for special events or life changes. As the results are instant and glowing, they are a perfect fit before an event and for our celebrity clients before TV appearances and photo-shoots.”


How does Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial works?

Originally developped in Australia, where are found some of the most agressive forms of skin cancer, this system was at first used to provide topical chemiotherapy. It was then modified to provide the deep layers of the skin with intense moisturizing, vitamin A, C and E et Japanese green tea.

Intraceuticals System with hyperbaric topical oxygen delivers therapeutic grade oxygen at hyperbaric pressure to infuse an active serum to the deep layers of the skin. The serum is composed of Hyaluronic acid, an ingredient found naturally in the skin and widely hailed for its diffusing properties.

“Collagen provides firmness to the skin, but collagne is nourished by hyaluronic acid,” adds Dr. Skotnicki-Grant. Hyperbaric Oxygen is known to speed up the skin’s recovery process. It is widely used to treat skin ulcers.


How long does the treatment last ?

This completely natural facial takes about 40 minutes, the skin improves with each new treatment (a series of six treatments is advised for optimal results) and the effect is reactivated between each session when used in conjonction with support products. Among these are cleansers, hydrating gels, creams and eye contour gels. They mimic the action of the infusion treatment and continue to provide a rich nutritional base to nourish the freshly stimulated skin, thereby providing a noticeable enhancement even after a treatment.


My skin is sensitive, can I still have an Oxygen facial ?

Yes, absolutely. A one of a kind treatment, Intraceuticals uses only hypo-allergenics products to neutralize free radicals and diffuse the therapeutic properties of their formula. Antioxidants and complex vitamins are infused, therefore causing cellular renewal and skin regeneration.


What type of skin care works best with an Oxygen Facial?

A revolutionary and complementary line of skin care products has been designed by Intraceuticals to fight the assaults of free radicals, restore your skin’s natural lubrication, supply essential vitamins and boost elasticity. We’ll be happy to advise you and recommend the best solutions for your type of skin.


Are there different kinds of Oxygen Facials ?

Yes, we offer three kinds of Oxygen Facials depending on your skin type and the desired result. None lasts more than 40 minutes and the results are guaranteed !

• Rejuvenate Infusion (40 minutes) – This blend of hyperbaric oxygen technology and hydrating serum is perfect for pour dull, dry and dehydrated skin. It dramatically enhances overall hydration.
• Opulence Infusion (40 minutes) – Our hydrating serum associated with ultra concentrated vitamin C compensates for unequal skin pigmentation and makes it radiant and fresh.
• Atoxelene Infusion (+20 minutes) – This skin smoothing treatment targets the areas on your face where the muscles contract. The infusion softens expression lines and wrinkles. Based on natural amino-acids, the Atoxelene Infusion makes you enjoy skin smoothing of wrinkles and expression lines without injections!


How will I feel after the treatment?

When you leave the clinic, the physical effects of Intraceuticals Infusion are visible and lasting. The easy and soothing procedure is non-invasive, painless and secure during and after treatment.

Oxygen Inhalation Treatments

 Inhaling oxygen is a safe and proven way to feel your best!
The benefits of inhaled oxygen are among others, obtaining an energy boost after a long day or before a night, helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin condition, relief in case of migraines and headaches, intense focus, making more active thinking,  improves the immune and digestive system, helps against fatigue and depression and is regularly used by models before a photo shoot for a rested look .